Montag, 10. Oktober 2016

Occhi-Deckchen unbekannt

Ich habe ein altes unfertiges Occhi-Deckchen bekommen.
Wer kennt  dieses Muster oder aus welchem Buch das ist.
Es müsste ein altes Muster sein. Ich habe schon meine
Bücher durchforstet, leider bin ich nicht fündig geworden
und ich würde dieses Deckchen gerne fertig arbeiten.
Kann mir jemand helfen?


  1. It is very beautiful and looks like a Ben flikkert one but it's not any any book. He seemed to copy the very old styles of one shuttle tatting. I have some books I will look through. But right now it looks like she was making it up with an old jabot peice. It is wonderful :)

  2. I already thank for the information. This doily is knotted with the 100th thread and already lies 10 years. Hence, I would like it
    ready attach. It is a pity if it was not finished. I will sew as first sometimes the threads.
    I have looked in my old Emmi to Liebert books, but there it does not exist. I would be glad to attach it, nevertheless, still ready.
    I have

    1. I found it in "Old Fashion Tatting Pattern Book 1" on page 56 she changed it a bit the tear shape looks the same and I could sent you a picture if need be this is one place that sells the book there may be less expensive ones closer to you.

    2. Hi Madtatter80,
      for the moment completely many thanks for your help. I have discovered the book with mobile phone Hands and will buy it to myself there.
      Quite dear thanks also again.

  3. I'm sorry I don't know either. I have many, many books and have tatted for 45+ years but have never seen that pattern before. It's really beautiful!
    I wonder if the reason it's unfinished is that someone was trying something new from another pattern and realized she didn't know how to attach it?

  4. Thanks Michelle,
    yes, the pattern is really very nice and well worked. Between the rhombs what is still absent to join of the pattern.
    I am in considering whether I should join the pattern sentences with curve.
    Anyhow the pattern seems to me famously, however, it does not know where I has already seen.

  5. I don't know the pattern, but the doily is already very beautiful!!! :)

  6. I owe You all for your efforts and help, as well as the comments.

  7. Hey check the above comment, I found the pattern!!! :)

  8. Oh I see you got it I am so glad wait till you see what it was supposed to bee :)

  9. As soon as I have the book, I will begin with the doily and show it then here

  10. io vedo un centro molto bello, se vuoi, tra 1 mese lo facciamo insieme dal disegno hello hug