Freitag, 3. August 2018

Occhi-Platte fertig

Nun ist meine Occhi-Platte fertig.                                
Die Decke ist aus dem Buch Fascinante frivolité
von Tomoko Morimoto mit 100er Garn geknüpft
und eingearbeitet.
Die  Platte gefällt mir sehr und
wird ein Geschenk an meine Schwägerin zum


  1. The tatting is beautiful and putting it on that platter makes it absolutely stunning! (I wish my sister-in-law knew how to tat, my birthday is coming!). What a lovely gift!

    1. Thank you for your praise. Yes, the record has become beautiful.
      The ceiling is incorporated between two panels and thus remains clean.
      I had that done in Italy.

  2. Wonderful work and gets me excited about Christmas time! Beautiful Pictures and tatting lace!

  3. Wonderful gift! Excellent workmanship from the skilled stained-glass artist, and, of course, your tatting is beautiful in size 100 thread! I believe you have shown other plates similar to this one, and they are exquisite!